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The Young Leaders Society - Membership

The Young Leaders Society brings together young professionals to network and support the philanthropic work of The Worldwide Ireland Funds. The Young Leaders Society provides a forum for emerging philanthropists to become closely involved with the mission of The Worldwide Ireland Funds as well as with prominent business and civic leaders who support the organisation.

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  • Complimentary admission for one to the Annual Young Leaders Global Summit in New York
  •  Invitation and discounted admission to Young Leader events in Dublin and London  
  • A copy of Connect Magazine - The Worldwide Ireland Funds semi-annual publication covering all global events, leaders and programmes

In addition to the above benefits:

  • Complimentary admission to two Young Leader events in Dublin and/or London
  • Invitation and discounted admission to the annual Worldwide Ireland Funds Conference in Ireland
  • Invitation and discounted admission to The Ireland Funds Spring Gala and the Ireland Fund of Great Britain’s Winter Ball 
  • An invitation and discounted admission to the Ireland Funds Rugby Lunch

About the Young Leaders Society

The mission of The Ireland Young Leaders' Programme is to support the not-for-profit sector in Ireland to service the needs of all citizens of the country.


Our support shall be focused on one segment of the various sectors aided by the Ireland Funds, beginning with "youth development", which will be refreshed every two years. We shall also concentrate our support on not-for-profit organisations in need of seed funding for an innovative idea. We believe this to be method by which our support can have the most significant impact.

We have a vision of an Ireland with a vibrant culture of philanthropy, supporting a sustainable and innovative not-for-profit sector, where novel ideas are encouraged, supported and fully resourced to service the needs of the population.

Objectives And Activities

Develop a vibrant culture of philanthropy

This will be achieved through the development and promotion of:

  • A Young Leaders' Programme that is relevant and engages young people
  • Renewed connections between young Ireland and its diaspora
  • Information on the effectiveness of supported programmes and donations

Support innovative not-for-profit ideas

This will be achieved through the provision of:

  • Direct financial support
  • Relevant expertise and knowledge
  • Connections to other Young Leader Programmes and broader funding sources

Ensure a sustainable and innovative not-for-profit sector

This will be achieved through the provision of:

  • Ongoing support of ground-breaking ideas in target sectors
  • Sharing of best practice for development
  • Identification of projects with proven efficacy and potential for further growth