Supporting a Shared Future in Northern Ireland

The Ireland Funds address sectarianism and violence in Northern Ireland by supporting initiatives that address the lack of understanding and respect for varying cultural and religious values; a stagnant economy that has inflicted long-term unemployment; and inadequate opportunities in education, employment and personal development.

174 Trust — The 174 Trust addresses the problems facing those in the community, namely issues facing those living in this socially and economically deprived area.  — Read more

Co-operation Ireland — Co-operation Ireland supports political agreement on the island of Ireland by building positive relationships at community level, both within Northern Ireland and between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, through the promotion of mutual understanding and co-operation.  — Read more

Corrymeela Community — Corrymeela is a Christian community whose objective is the promotion of reconciliation and peace-building through the healing of social, religious, and political divisions in Northern Ireland.  — Read more

Cranmore Integrated Primary School — Based in Belfast, the school provides a religiously integrated educational environment. It services students on both sides of the religious divide in Belfast, including Sandy Row, Lisburn Road, Finaghy, Andersonstown and Taughmonagh.  — Read more

Habitat for Humanity Northern Ireland — A cross-community, Christian, housing organisation helping low income families build and purchase their own homes at a price they can afford. In Northern Ireland, Habitat focuses on promoting urban renewal and social inclusion in areas of housing blight resulting from 30 years of conflict. — Read more

Hazelwood College — Hazelwood College was the second post-primary integrated school to be established in Northern Ireland. Founded in 1985 by a group of Protestant and Catholic parents from North Belfast and funded originally by the major charities and the fund-raising efforts of parents, Hazelwood College now has over 700 pupils enrolled.  — Read more

Integrated Education  — Integrated Education has been hailed as one of the most significant social developments within Northern Ireland over the last 30 years, bringing together children from Protestant, Catholic and other backgrounds in educational settings that teach respect, tolerance and conflict resolution.  — Read more

Northern Ireland Children's Enterprise — NICE exists to encourage and support young people, parents and adults to come together, to get to know one another, and to begin the process of understanding and reconciliation through involvement in its programs.  — Read more

Oakwood Integrated Primary School — Oakwood Integrated Primary School was opened in September 1996 by a group of parents who came together from all sides of the religious divide. The school has grown and now educates over 200 children.  — Read more

PeacePlayers International — Through sporting activities, PeacePlayers International aims to bridge social divides, develop future leaders, educate children to lead healthy, constructive lives and build community involvement, ensuring long-term sustainability.  — Read more

Sesame Street Northern Ireland — 'Sesame Tree', a version of Sesame Street made entirely in Northern Ireland with the intent of building the Sesame model for respect and understanding across the sectarian divide.  — Read more

Speedwell Trust — Based in Parkanaur Forest near Dungannon, the project began in 1991 as a community venture to integrate Catholic and Protestant primary school children through a curriculum-based program that addresses the exploration of the environment and the need for conservation. — Read more

Springboard — Springboard is a cross-community, cross-border organisation established in 1992 to build the capacity of young people and their communities.   — Read more

Tara Centre — The Tara Centre offers a wide and varied range of professional and innovative services on a cross-community basis to traumatised, vulnerable and often socially excluded people within and beyond the Omagh District Council area. — Read more

The 174 Trust - The Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts  — The former Presbyterian Church has been entirely repurposed into an award-winning cultural venue, catering for several hundred people of all ages every week with a diverse range of activities and programs.  — Read more

The Belfast Giant H.E.R.O.S. — H.E.R.O.S. stands for “Hockey Education Reaching Out Society.” Established in Canada, it is a program that has come to Northern Ireland to bring kids and communities together in an innovative way.  — Read more

The John Hume & Thomas P. O’Neill Chair in Peace — With the help of The Ireland Funds, in 2011, the University of Ulster announced its intention to establish the John Hume and Thomas P. O’Neill Chair in Peace at its Magee campus in Londonderry/Derry.  — Read more

The Playhouse - Street Talk Project — Situated within the historic walled city of Derry/Londonderry, The Playhouse uses the arts to address a range of social needs in the area, including cross-community relations, job creation, educational performance and the development of alternative curriculums for young people.  — Read more

The Washington Ireland Program — WIP is committed to overcoming divisions of the past and empowering present and future leaders with skills and insights to build a shared future of peace and prosperity for Northern Ireland and Ireland.  — Read more

US - Northern Ireland Mentorship Program — The US-NI Mentorship Program is a one-year work placement for recent graduates from Northern Ireland to work with leading corporations in the United States.  — Read more

Wave Trauma Centre — Wave provides a range of support services to adults, young people and children bereaved, injured or traumatised as a result of the troubles.  — Read more

YouthAction Northern Ireland — Youth Action Northern Ireland is a membership based organisation with a 65 year history of working with young people to tackle inequalities in their lives, improve their life chances and contribute to communities. They work with young people in both urban and rural areas,particularly targeting the age range of 14 to 25. — Read more