Seeking a Grant

The Ireland Funds give to charitable organizations in two ways:

Grant Round

The Worldwide Ireland Funds raise unrestricted funds to facilitate an annual Grant Round.

The Grant Round serves not only to support work we see as vital and in areas of deepest need, but often introduces that work to our donor base with the aim of attracting additional support.

For assistance with the Grant Round, please contact
The Ireland Funds in Dublin
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Donor Advised Grants

The majority of grants are made possible through Donor Advised Grants. Donors identify projects that they wish to support and these requests are then reviewed and considered by the Board of Directors. Under U.S. federal tax law, the donor's indication of interest can only be advisory, and The American Ireland Fund retains the ultimate responsibility for the wise use of the funds.

The Worldwide Ireland Funds continuously update an information base on various charities, and are pleased to provide useful background materials on particular programs should a donor express an interest in supporting a particular project or program.

Are you a donor considering a Donor Advised Grant? We would love to talk to you about the opportunities to make a difference. Please contact your local chapter or:

The Ireland Funds in Dublin
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You can also apply for funding from other Ireland Fund chapters

The Ireland Fund of Canada Funding Guidelines

The Ireland Fund of Great Britain Funding Guidelines