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Privacy Policy of The Ireland Funds and The American Ireland Fund

The Ireland Funds and The American Ireland Fund are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all fundraising efforts and to maintaining donors’ privacy rights.  The Ireland Funds and The American Ireland Fund will not sell, share, trade or give our donors’ or supporters’ personal or contact information to any non-affiliated organizations without the donors’ permission to do so; nor send mailings on behalf of other organizations. Use of donor information will be limited to the internal purposes of The Ireland Funds and The American Ireland Fund.  This is applicable to personal information gathered both electronically and non-electronically.

This Website does not collect personal Information about you except information that you provide voluntarily. All our constituents' personal Information is treated confidentially, whether collected through this website or by other means. This information is stored in a secure database. Credit card information collected on any of our partners' websites is stored in a secure database in compliance with PCI Data Security Standard.

We do, on occasion, use donor or website user information for email notifications from The Ireland Funds and The American Ireland Fund relating to events and news relating wholly to the Funds. The facility to opt out of this email is provided on all our email communications.

If a donor wishes to contact us regarding any aspect of our security policy,
they are encouraged to contact us at 617-574-0720.

Written Information Security Program

Among other things, our WISP includes the following elements:

  • Designating an individual to be responsible for the program;
  • Minimizing the use, retention and access of and to personal information;
  • Protecting and restricting access to paper records and electronic records (including through password, encryption, and firewall technology);
  • Ensuring that third parties with access to personal information comply with the requirements.

For more information, please contact us at
The American Ireland Fund, 211 Congress St., Boston MA 02110 | 617-574-0720

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Exception (see "Linking to The Ireland Funds articles" below).

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