Focus Areas

The Ireland Funds focus on support for seven key areas that serve the island of Ireland and beyond.


Providing Access to Education

The Ireland Funds invest in high-quality education by supporting programs that widen access to and participation in third-level education for under-represented groups; providing access to integrated education in Northern Ireland; and supporting innovation and groundbreaking research in third-level institutions throughout Ireland.

Supporting a Shared Future in Northern Ireland

The Ireland Funds address sectarianism and violence in Northern Ireland by supporting initiatives that address the lack of understanding and respect for varying cultural and religious values; a stagnant economy that has inflicted long-term unemployment; and inadequate opportunities in education, employment and personal development.

Investing in Ireland's Communities

The Ireland Funds support communities by contributing to positive mental and physical health; community integration; development of entrepreneurial skills; opportunities for lifelong learning; sport and leisure opportunities; and protection of the natural environment.

Promoting Irish Culture and Heritage

The Ireland Funds support Irish culture and heritage by providing funding for programs that promote cultural awareness and understanding; preserve uniquely Irish art forms and artifacts; increase public access to 
a variety of art forms and collections support community arts initiatives; and ensure the protection of and access to Irish heritage sites and resources.

Assisting the Elderly 'Forgotten Irish'

The Ireland Funds are committed to supporting elderly Irish men and women by funding organizations that provide access to a wide range of services and educational opportunities that tackle loneliness and isolation and that develop strong social networks through day centers or social clubs.

Assisting Disadvantaged Youth

The Ireland Funds work to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people by providing funding for individuals and families to access a range of services and educational opportunities; by supporting initiatives that promote positive mental and physical health; and by supporting activities that allow young people to engage in fun, safe and productive out-of-school activities.

Promoting Philanthropy

The Ireland Funds contribute to the development of philanthropy in Ireland by supporting public and private policies that effectively encourage philanthropic giving; organizations that work to improve performance and professionalism of philanthropic sector; the aggregation and dissemination within Ireland of relevant data on philanthropic activity; and programs and efforts to make the Irish public aware of philanthropy and its vital contributions to society over time.