Establishing a Donor Advised Fund

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund with The Ireland Funds

Donor Advised Funds are simple, smart and sustainable. A Donor Advised Fund with The Ireland Funds gives you the greatest giving flexibility and maximum tax benefits without the burden of administrative details.

Getting Started

Of the many ways of giving to The Ireland Funds, a Donor Advised Fund may be the most personal and rewarding option for achieving your philanthropic goals. It is a simple, convenient and smart way of giving that combines tax benefits with the ability to support charities throughout Ireland, now and in the future. No matter what causes or charities you support, we can help you make a lasting difference.

Individuals, families or corporations can establish a fund quickly and easily through The Ireland Funds. Whether by gift, bequest or otherwise, a new Donor Advised Fund may be designed at any time in consultation with The Ireland Funds staff. Setting up a Donor Advised Fund is efficient, economical and fast and it can take less than a day.

Every Donor Advised Fund has:

Its own name
Often that of the donor or donor’s family, occasionally that of a memorialized individual, or other title reflecting its origin and objectives.

Its own purpose
Its own stated philanthropic purpose. 

In many cases the unrestricted support for charitable organisations in Ireland, north and south. In other cases the purpose is a more defined geographic focus or charitable field of interest.

Donor Advised Fund options to match your philanthropic goals:

Unrestricted Fund
Unrestricted funds are not restricted by their donors to any one purpose. They are used in the best judgment of The Ireland Fund’s Board of Directors to meet Ireland’s most pressing problems. These are the most flexible funds and, in many ways, the most responsive to changing needs.

Field of Interest Fund
Field of interest funds have been established to support particular fields or geographical areas that are of interest to donors.

Donor Recommended Fund
Donor recommended funds are established by donors who wish to be actively involved in choosing which organisations receive grants from their funds. The Board of Directors considers each donor’s recommendations concerning specific charities or fields of interest.

How does it work?

1. Create your personal Donor Advised Fund
  • Name your fund or choose to make your fund anonymous
  • Choose the type of fund you want: unrestricted, field of interest, or donor recommended fund
  • State your funds’ philanthropic interests
  • We can work with your tax, financial, or legal advisor (if desired) to structure a fund that meets your financial and philanthropic goals
  • We handle all administrative details in setting up and managing your fund

2. Make a gift:
  • €10,000 minimum
  • Choose from a wide variety of asset types from which to make your gift:
  • cash
  • stocks
  • life insurance
  • property
  • Make a tax deduction
  • You and your family or friends can add to your fund at any time

3. Make grants:
  • Recommend grants from your fund to any registered charity in Ireland, north and south
  • You can take a portfolio approach to giving and distribute your philanthropic ‘pie’ to a variety of causes
  • Choose whether to make a grant anonymously
  • We can help you to pursue your philanthropic interests by identifying charitable organisations that use grants in efficient and effective ways
  • We ensure that all charitable organisations receiving a grant from your fund are compliant with charities legislation

4. Make a difference:
  • Tap into our expertise in grant making and community issues
  • Build an enduring legacy of philanthropy
  • Become a member of The Ireland Funds Worldwide Donor Network and connect with other donors
  • Involve multiple generations
  • Learn about emerging issues and effective charitable giving strategies

For advice in relation to tax planning, we recommend you consult a professional tax advisor to ensure you can maximise your generosity to The Ireland Funds.

The Ireland Funds is a registered charity in Ireland, charity number 10798

For more information on making a lasting gift to The Ireland Funds please contact
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