Make a Lasting Gift to The American Ireland Fund

Make a Lasting Gift to The American Ireland Fund
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The American Ireland Fund can turn your philanthropic vision into action. The American Ireland Fund’s long-standing presence in Ireland and the United States allows us to offer a range of benefits and services to those electing to make lasting gifts. 

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Benefits of The Heritage Society include: 

Flexible Giving Through a Donor Advised Fund

We tailor your Donor Advised Fund to meet your philanthropic ambitions. Individuals, families or corporations can establish a fund quickly and easily through The American Ireland Fund. Whether by gift, bequest or otherwise, a new donor advised fund may be designed at any time in consultation with The American Ireland Fund staff. Setting up a donor advised fund is efficient, economical and fast and it can take less than a day.

Administration & Professional Staff

The American Ireland Fund takes responsibility for all administration, giving you the freedom to focus on your giving. Staff members of The American Ireland Fund are available to work professionally and confidentially with you in creating your philanthropic legacy. You will be invited for a consultation when establishing your lasting gift, and, if requested, a philanthropic investment portfolio will be developed based on your areas of interest. As requested, The American Ireland Fund will compile data to assist you in selecting projects for funding.

Connecting With Your Charities

Site visits to your selected charities can be arranged by the staff in our Dublin office. Updates and project evaluations will also be developed for you quarterly or as requested.

Tax Benefits

For those subject to American taxation on any of their income or assets, donations to The American Ireland Fund may be taken as a deduction against that income or, in the case of an estate the taxable value of the estate. In addition, you save the cost of establishing and administering a private foundation, and legal fees.

When you make a gift to The American Ireland Fund, you have enormous flexibility in determining how the contribution will be used, as well as many tax-efficient options to choose from:

Cash Gifts

One of the most efficient and popular ways of realizing your philanthropic interests is through giving a tax-effective cash gift to The American Ireland Fund. This form of giving enables you to provide any level of support. Cash gifts may either be designated for a particular charity or area of interest, or may be given as an unrestricted gift to the areas we determine have the greatest need. Secure donations can be made online.

Gift of Securities

Making a gift of appreciated securities may offer considerable advantages for you. For donors not subject to the alternative minimum tax, such gifts are deducted at a full market value at the time of the gift, up to 30% of the individual donor’s adjusted gross income. No capital gains tax is paid.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds are excellent giving vehicles for those who wish to participate actively in the grant making process. With a donor advised fund, you retain the right to serve as an advisor, making grant recommendations for consideration by our Board of Directors. A donor advised fund at The American Ireland Fund gives you the greatest giving flexibility and maximum tax benefits without the burden of administrative details.   Learn more


A gift from your will is another way of offering significant support to The American Ireland Fund.

Your gift, whether it is money or property, provides lasting support while providing tax benefits to your estate. Leaving a gift to The American Ireland Fund in your will is your opportunity to make a tangible and lasting gift to the island of Ireland and it builds a bridge between the past and the future, helping ensure the charities you value today will continue to make a difference tomorrow. Since The American Ireland Fund is a public charity under Section 501(c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, a bequest in any amount will not be subject to U.S. federal estate taxes, and will be similarly exempt from estate taxes in most of the states that have such taxes.  Learn more

Real Estate

Gifts of appreciated real estate offer many tax advantages. It may also be beneficial for you to make a gift to The American Ireland Fund of a future interest in real estate. You might, for example, retain life interest in a residence and give the remainder interest to The American Ireland Fund. Such a gift gains an income tax deduction for you in the year of the gift and also eliminates any estate tax on the property.

Gifts of Life Insurance

In most states, gifts of life insurance policies may be made by naming The American Ireland Fund as owner and beneficiary. You can receive an immediate income tax deduction of the policy’s present value and eliminates the proceeds of the policy from your estate. The premiums paid thereafter by you are deductible from federal income tax.

Life Income Gifts

There are a number of ways in which gifts can be made subject to life income agreements including annuity trusts, unitrusts and a pooled income fund. Income is paid to you or a named beneficiary. With such a gift, you can receive a lifetime income from it with the remainder interest added to a fund specified by you. There are often substantial income and estate tax benefits under such agreements.

Gifts of Personal Property, Such as Art Work, Rare Books, etc.

Gifts of all forms of personal property (such as art collections, rare books and other collections) and other items which can be used to further the goals of The American Ireland Fund to promote an awareness and understanding of Ireland and its culture, are always most welcome. These gifts are subject to special rules as to the valuation at the time of the gift (and hence the amount of the available income or estate tax deduction). They are also subject to practical limitations on the subsequent use of the gifted property by the Fund, in order to ensure that the items are truly used to further the charitable purposes of the Fund. The American Ireland Fund is expert in ensuring that these gifts are suitably documented so that there is clarity as to both their valuation and their subsequent use by the Fund.

For advice in relation to tax planning, we recommend you consult a professional tax advisor to ensure you can maximize your generosity to The American Ireland Fund.

The American Ireland Fund is a tax-exempt organization, incorporated under the laws of the United States and has been determined by the IRS to be a public charity under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The American Ireland Fund’s tax ID # is 25-1306992

For more information on The Heritage Society and making a lasting gift to The American Ireland Fund please contact

Tom O'Leary
Chief Operating Officer
The American ireland Fund