Investing in Ireland's Communities

The Ireland Funds support communities by contributing to positive mental and physical health; community integration; development of entrepreneurial skills; opportunities for lifelong learning; sport and leisure opportunities; and protection of the natural environment.

AsIAm — Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a young child, Adam Harris was well-versed in the needs of those on the Autism spectrum yet keenly aware that the resources available to the Autism community in Ireland were less than optimal. So Adam put school on hold and started the AsIAm website.  — Read more

Barnardos — A children's rights and advocacy organisation working with children and their families through providing a number of support services from over 40 centres across Ireland.  — Read more

BeLonG To — BeLonG To is the national organisation that advocates for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender young people in Ireland. — Read more

Berkeley Balcony Tragedy  — The American Ireland Fund has made a donation of $100,000 to support those who are providing care and assistance on the ground, in particular the The Irish Immigration Pastoral Center San Francisco.  — Read more

Bia Food Initiative — The Bia Food Initiative (BiaFi) is now one of the largest food distribution centers in Ireland.  — Read more

Blossom — Blossom Ireland Discovery Camps provide just enough supports in the right environment to enable children with an intellectual disability to engage in activities to the best of their ability  — Read more

Boxing Clubs Across the island of Ireland — The Ireland Funds have long-recognized that the tradition of boxing clubs is not only integral to the fabric of many Irish communities, but are truly a conduit for delivering positive lessons for boxers of all ages and genders.  — Read more

Brain Injury Matters — Through Music Therapy, The Ireland Funds help people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  — Read more

BUMBLEance — The BUMBLEance medical transport experience removes fear for children. Equipped with a colorful interior, a TV, iPad, video games, movies, internet and music, the vehicle creates an entirely different type of transport for seriously ill children.  — Read more

Care After Prison — It currently costs up to €65,000 a year to incarcerate a prisoner in Ireland. Care After Prison provides services that stem the flow of re-offenders and workshops that prevent young people from committing crimes.  — Read more

Children's Medical Research Foundation — The Ireland Funds are helping Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin out of its previous dark, cramped, substandard space built in the 1950’s, to a modern world-class facility serving Ireland’s families.  — Read more

Cork Penny Dinners — Cork Penny Dinners relies entirely on voluntary contributions to operate. Funding from The Ireland Funds Promising Ireland Campaign is helping Cork Penny Dinners continue its mission for the people of Cork.  — Read more

Daisyhouse — Daisyhouse’s service is provided over an 18-month period so that the cycle of homelessness can be broken and that the women are empowered to move forward to independent sustainable living.  — Read more

Fatima Mansions — Through innovation and the hard work, Fatima Mansions is now a community moving from being the most excluded and notorious housing estate in Ireland to becoming a model new urban neighbourhood. — Read more

Fáilte Isteach — Fáilte Isteach embodies the spirit of a hundred thousand welcomes to Ireland’s new communities  — Read more

Fermoy Boys & Girls Boxing Club — Established in 1980, this Club offers training to children ages 8-18, four nights a week. The Club is instilling boxing skills, discipline, and a sense of pride.  — Read more

Fettercairn — A community owned equine facility, situated in the heart of Tallaght. Its aim is to channel the young people's love of horses into a constructive community activity providing opportunities to develop their personal, social, educational and vocational skills. — Read more

Fighting Words — Fighting Words provides free tutoring in creative writing for students of all ages across the island of Ireland.  — Read more

Folktown Market — This once-neglected area has become a gathering space for Belfast residents from all communities.  — Read more

Galway Autism Partnership — Galway Autism Partnership creates a new space for families living with autism. Support from The Ireland Funds has supported the Youth Cafés program.  — Read more

Headstrong and the Gaelic Players Association — Whether it is the lessons learned from the pressures on the field or the pressures in life, Ireland’s greatest sports role models are sharing their experience with the young people of Ireland.  — Read more

Irish Men's Sheds Association — It is often said that “Men don’t talk face to face; they talk shoulder to shoulder.”  — Read more

Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is Ireland's largest national animal welfare charity that helps, rescues, treats and responsibly rehomes tens of thousands of animals of all different species. — Read more

Kerry Diocesan Youth Service — Since its establishment in 1971, the Kerry Diocesan Youth Service has always striven to meet the real needs of young people through committed volunteers, trained staff and the implementation of quality services and supports. — Read more

Kerry Sports Academy — The Academy will be the largest capital educational project to take place in Kerry in 2016 and during construction it will create 120 jobs. It will become the heart and soul of the community.  — Read more

Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership — LEDP was founded as a company with charitable status with the mission of employment retention and generation, developing education, providing social finance, promoting economic development and supporting the neighbourhoods in south Limerick City. — Read more

Margaret McLoughlin Art Project — Margaret McLoughlin, who had Down's syndrome, passed away in 2003 at the age of 25. Working with The American Ireland Fund, the McLoughlin Family set up a fund commemorating her spirit, vitality and joy. — Read more

Move4Parkinson’s — Move4Parkinson’s works to improve the quality of life for those with Parkinson’s through self-management and a range of holistic activities that include dance and song. The Ireland Funds provided a grant to support the dance therapy program.  — Read more

MyMind — MyMind is transforming the way Ireland accesses mental health services.  — Read more

Native Woodland Trust — The Native Woodland Trust is dedicated to the preservation of our ancient woodlands and to the planting of new trees and woods all over Ireland. — Read more

Peter McVerry Trust — Peter McVerry Trust is committed to reducing homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage through its provision of housing and support services.  — Read more

Pieta House — Pieta House is preventing self-harm and suicide in Ireland.  — Read more

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland — Social Entrepreneurs Ireland directly supports high potential social entrepreneurs to enable them to maximise their impact. At the core of their activities is their Social Impact Programme which provides financial investment and direct support to early stage social entrepreneurs — Read more

Special Olympics  — The world's largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, providing year-round training and competitions to more than 3.1 million athletes in 175 countries. Alternating between summer and winter, the Special Olympics World Games are held every two years.  — Read more

Specialisterne — Specialisterne is tackling the fact that 85% of those on the spectrum in Ireland are currently unemployed.  — Read more

Speedpak — With help from The Ireland Funds, Speedpak is bringing valuable training and support to unemployed people.  — Read more

The Irish Hospice Foundation — Recognizing how deeply people are affected by their surroundings, the IHF is working with hospitals to change not just the culture of care but also the physical environment of hospitals for people facing death and for their families.  — Read more

The Irish Wheelchair Association — The Irish Wheelchair Association has 20,000 members with limited mobility and is one of Ireland’s leading social enterprises. They provide over 2 million hours of service a year to people with disabilities in their homes and communities throughout Ireland.  — Read more

The Simon Communities — The Simon Communities work with people who experience homelessness and housing exclusion in Ireland.  — Read more

The Wicklow Hospice Foundation — It is said, “You cannot be born or die in County Wicklow.” With no medical facility there, residents have traditionally had to travel outside the county to receive medical care including hospice care. — Read more

WALK — The Ireland Funds helped WALK create a community garden where the harvest includes independence for those with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues.  — Read more

Way Buddy — The Way Buddy app allows individuals with intellectual disabilities to travel independently from home with confidence and safety.  — Read more

Women for Election — The Ireland Funds are helping Women for Election increase the participation of women in Irish politics.  — Read more

Yellow Flag — Promoting Inclusion & Celebrating Diversity in Irish Schools.  — Read more

Youth Buddies / Leisure Buddies — Leisure Buddies is a friendship outreach project run by St. Christopher’s Services in Co. Longford. It pairs people with intellectual disabilities with volunteers from the community who facilitate social opportunities.  — Read more